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This site is dedicated to my ancestors who originated from Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Russia, Poland, and Israel.

I've been researching my family history since the early 1990's. Sources for the information on this site include information provided by relatives, birth/census/church/death/marriage/military records, newspapers, and online genealogy sites.

Anyone that is serious about genealogy, knows that records from the above sources often have mistakes including the spelling of a name, the year/place the person was born, and the real name - men listed in the census records are often listed with their first name one decade & their middle name the next. In instances where there is a common name (e.g. Joseph Whittington) in a small area (e.g. Jefferson County, WV) in the same or multiple generations, some assumptions have been made when piecing the family tree together. If the exact place of birth is not known, I've used the location from the census record that is closest to the person's birth year. Where possible, I have validated dates of birth/death/marriage with official records.

Please contact me via this link if you have any corrections or would like to contribute information.


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Latest news

July 4, 2016: Site data refreshed including new information on Daniel J Powers from Hoboken, NJ/ Queens, New York and his sister Alice Powers-Daly of Hoboken, NJ/Washington, DC/Hampton, VA.
. Also updated information on the Irving McGee and Mamie Whittington family.

My Great Grandfather & Siblings
Thomas J Clarke(R), Bellefonte, PA
Circa 1885
My First Cousin, 4 times Removed
Charles Edward Figgins Family, Ohio
Circa 1890
My Great Grandparents Family
Edward A Powers & Anna Moran, Baltmore, 1919